Vibro Separator

These are other machine in the pre-cleaning and cleaning section to remove impurities by sizes having 2 nets and fitted with 2 nos. Vibro motors at both side of the body frame and mounted on the plate with the body of machine to adjust the stroke as per requirement.The 1st net is of 6.5 mm - 6m/

6mm - 5.5 mm / 5.5mm - 5mm to allow wheat and smaller impurities but to separate the bigger/longer impurities over the net and the 2nd net is of 2.5 mm triangular perforation separating wheat with a little bit impurities over 2.5mm size but allow to pass small impurities for separation.

This separator is attached with an Aspiration channel and the so cleaned wheat is coming to the hopper of  the aspiration channel over a magnetic rod in a wide 

stream to effect the separation of ferrous material in  the flow if any remain with the wheat.The aspiration             channel is joined with an air duct line of 200 mm dia to aspire by an air flow at a low  pressure to collect the fine and dusty impurities from the wheat flow.